Even more awesome muesli: strawberry and pistachio style!

Just a quick post today to show you guys that I do mix up my daily muesli fix sometimes, depending on what I have in the cupboard, and today it was such a winner. I sauteed the strawberries to make a bit of a (sugarless) coulis but kept the bananas raw to change up the textures a bit, and added roughly chopped pistachios on top instead of my customary flaked almonds. It’s kind of a healthier, everyday version of my ricotta pancakes recipe – basically, I discovered how great strawberries and pistachios taste together and wanted to experiment more. (Also, I have all of these pistachios now). Image

And, although it isn’t immediately obvious from the photo (if you can tell, I am seriously, seriously impressed and confused), I’ve started mixing my oats with half apple juice and half water, instead of all apple juice. It started out as a necessary improvisation when I ran out of apple juice, but I think it’s an improvement – it cuts down on the sugar content a little bit and means you get to taste the oats a bit more, and them oats is dee-licious.

I have exciting new recipes to share (think dukkah-encrusted… oh my god) but now it’s time to put that breakfast energy to good use and go for a quick run before uni! Happy muesli-ing, everyone!

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