Veguary day 3: ‘Accidental Salad’.

Remember how, the other day, I posted about failing happily? Well, today’s culinary experiments were a great example of that. I had been planning on making these vegan spiral wraps:


Don’t they look tasty? And, well, easy? The recipe is pretty foolproof: spread some roasted capsicum spread on lavash bread. Add various other ingredients. Roll. Consume.

still managed to screw these suckers up.

The key ingredient, as you can see above, is edamame – delicious little Japanese beans that are pretty popular in the foodie world (you can find a billion recipes incorporating them on Pinterest). I expected to at least be able to find canned or frozen edamame, but neither Coles nor Woolworths came up with the goods, and even the local Asian supermarket (surely!) had nothing. Oh well. I shelved the idea until today, when I figured the wraps would be a good way to use up various leftovers. With edamame out of the picture, I scoured my shelves for some other protein, and came up with a can of chickpeas. Brilliant! Off they went into the oven to be roasted, along with a red capsicum and some pumpkin that I parboiled in the microwave first to save time.

For my wraps I used mountain bread, which I’ve been keen to try out for a while now. It’s only 74 calories per wrap, which is teensy. If you’re following the rule of quarters and want to up your veggie quotient while decreasing carbs, it’s a good substitute for bread! I do love me some nice, silky-soft grain bread, but every once in a while it’s good to change things up.

First step: spread the wrap with roasted capsicum spread, add 1 grated carrot, then go nuts with whatever veggies you want to use up. I added spinach (as per usual), 1/4 avocado and the aforementioned red capsicum, pumpkin and chickpeas. Look at it, all ready to roll!


Aaand then I tried to roll it up. Turns out mountain bread, due to its thinness, has a tendency to completely rip to shreds if you try to roll too much stuff in it. Whoops. After a brief detour via the toasted sandwich maker to try to salvage the situation, this was the end result:


Yup. That’s a fail. I accepted the embarrassing fate that I’d have to eat my ‘wrap’ with a knife and fork, so it was really more of a salad with large mountain bread croutons than anything else. Having said that, it was still super tasty! Next time I may have to streamline the ingredients somewhat, rather than trying to stuff as many veggies in there as possible. And maybe I’ll manage to track down some edamame before Veguary is out and make these things according to the recipe!

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