Chia up!

So, my plan for today went something like this: get up, go to work, come home from work, eat, collapse.

BUT my shift was cancelled, and there’s nothing that gets me more motivated than an unexpected day off. It’s a freebie! Anything you get done on this day is a bonus! Go forth and be productive, and then revel in your accomplishments!

I started off by getting back on the running horse, so to speak. I’ve been using a program called ‘Couch to 10k‘, which I highly recommend – there are a plethora of iPhone and Android apps that will help you follow the program, and it basically trains you up from being a gasping-for-air, can’t-run-for-more-than-a-minute-without-exploding mess into a running machine.* You start out running for 60 seconds, walking for 90, running for 60 and so on, up to a total of 30 minutes. Then the next week you might run for 90 seconds, walk for 90, run for 90 (etc) until eventually you’ve built up your fitness to the point where you can run for 30 minutes, no problemo. I got to that point and was very excited until I realised that the next part of the program trains you up to run for an hour non-stop… aaaugh. So today, since I haven’t been running for a while, I just did the 5k (30 minute run). But my aim this year is to be able to finish a 10k without stopping… I’ll keep you guys posted!

After my run I was pretty keen for some sustenance, so it was time to break out the muesli, this time with an exciting new ingredient: chia seeds!


I’ve been hearing about chia seeds a lot lately – they’re often termed a ‘superfood’ since they contain loads of iron, vitamin C, protein, calcium and omega 3. They’re crazy little things – if you get them wet, they sort of swell up and form a gel, so apparently they’re used as an egg replacement in vegan baking! Sounds strange, but they add a nice bit of texture to my daily muesli fix and the extra protein certainly doesn’t go astray when you’ve just been for a big ol’ sweaty run!

After running a few errands in the afternoon and scoffing down the last of my cauliflower soup, it was time to head to vinyasa yoga. I practise at Absolute Yoga and love it – every time you go to a class there’s something different you can work on. Today I managed to stay up for a few breaths in tripod headstand with my thighs on my arms, but bound headstand was another story… I’m still struggling to balance with my knees bent. Still, with every class there’s a bit more of a pause before I go tumbling down to the ground, and if that’s not progress, I don’t know what is!

Have a great Tuesday evening… I think I might go back to my original plan for the day and collapse now. Until next time!

*This program will not turn you into a treadmill. I’m just bad at analogies.

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2 thoughts on “Chia up!

  1. Spencer Davis says:

    Nice work on the running progress! The inner pt in me can’t help but suggest you sign up for a 10km fun run to really boost the motivation towards your goal!

  2. Thanks, Spence – I think I will! There’s an 11km fun run in October, so perhaps that should be my goal. My mum ran a half-marathon this year (what a gun) so I clearly have some catching up to do!

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